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Robbie's Story

A few people have read our about page and wanted to know more about us – the founders, Robbie and Matt.

Robbie recently wrote an email to his family announcing the project. The what, why and how of our new company. 

If you have ever started a business, written a book, song, any creative endeavor, you can relate to sharing the project with friends and family. It can be scary, exciting, and many other things…

We thought we’d share it with you here.

From: Robbie

To: Family

Hey family!

I wanted to send an update about Crazy Calm, a company I launched with my friend who I met in 2015 while exhibiting at a trade show with Just Panela

The intent of this email is to explain our endeavor, as it’s something I’m truly thrilled about and I’d rather paint the full picture for you via email rather than saying “oh I started a CBD coffee biz” the next time we see each other at a family gathering.  

I hope that giving you a little context here means that the next time someone mentions CBD to you (trust me, it’ll happen) you’ll say:

“Hey, I’ve got a family member who launched a CBD coffee company that delivers relaxing energy to consumers of the product and leverages the power of cryptocurrency in the process!”


“Oh I think one of my family members does something with that.”

Our first product at Crazy Calm is a CBD instant coffee that comes in single serve packets.  For those of you who don’t know, CBD is a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant*.  

CBD started getting a lot of attention last year with the passage of the Farm Bill, which legalized the production of hemp and paved the way for hundreds of CBD shops to open up across the country.  Hemp and CBD are two products with enormous potential for the environment, nutrition, and well-being, so the fact that both are now legal is very exciting stuff!!

In response to increasing demand for CBD, companies have come out with all kinds of consumable products, including CBD gummies, CBD sparkling water, and CBD infused coffee. 

I’ve tried all these products and found the coffee to be the most functional, as it’s something I already consume on a daily basis, and I feel the buzz from caffeine is improved by soothing feeling of CBD. 

The two work together to provide a more relaxed form of energy – hence, Crazy Calm 😉
You might be thinking, “Cool, but I thought instant coffee was nasty!”

Well, most spray dried instant coffee comes from low quality beans and IS nasty stuff. 

That’s why we use high quality organic freeze dried coffee that tends to surprise people on taste.  We’re not trying to make the best quality cup o’ jo out there, but provide functional energy (CBD + caffeine) in the recognizable form of coffee.  And since there are no other CBD instant coffees on the market, we saw an opportunity to fill a white space

You may have seen my recent Facebook post sharing an article on that explains how we’re leveraging cryptocurrencies in our business.

“Wait, crypto??  That sounds irrelevant and almost as suspicious as instant coffee!”

Well, while cryptocurrencies are still are a ways away from being accepted at your local grocery store, crypto DOES have practical applications for Crazy Calm’s purposes.  For instance, accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment allows us to avoid the high transaction fees that credit card processors take.* 

We also introduced a launch promo where we’re donating $5.00 worth of Bitcoin Cash (a cryptocurrency) per order for the first 100 orders to a charity that feeds people in Venezuela and South Sudan.

Thanks for staying with me this far into the email!  I hope I’ve succeeded in providing you with a bit more context to Crazy Calm than what you might have heard from me or my parents in passing. 

If you know anyone who takes CBD or has an interest in cryptocurrency I would love if you’d forward this email or direct people to our website,  And if you decide to order a box for yourself, I’d of course love to hear your feedback on the product. 
Hope you’re having an excellent December and I look forward to seeing many of you for Christmas!



*Hemp plants are cannabis plants that contain less than 0.3 percent THC

*Even though CBD is now legal it’s still unregulated, so credit card processors take on extra risk working with CBD merchants. Therefore they charge CBD companies higher transaction fees or refuse to work with them at all!

We’ll add more to the story as it continues. If you have any more questions, please reach out to us and we’ll try to answer the best we can.


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