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Launch Promo - $5 per order to Venezuela and South Sudan

UPDATE – February 9th, 2020: Our promo has ended and $500 has been donated for the first 100 orders. Thanks to everyone for your help!

After many trials and tribulations, we are finally live and ready to ship our CBD infused organic instant coffee! 

To mark this milestone, for the first 100 orders, a $5 per-order donation will be made to feed people in need in Venezuela and South Sudan. This is made possible by the amazing charity EatBCH.

EatBCH South Sudan

One of 11 EatBCH sites in South Sudan.

EatBCH takes donations in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Cash) from around the world and sends them to local volunteers who turns the donations into meals for those who need them in Venezuela and South Sudan. 

In Venezuela, where it started, over 80,000 meals have been served. The brave leader and founder of the project Jose, must remain anonymous for his own safety.

South Sudan is newer but has 11 different sites, with 50-700 people, serving 3 meals a week. An average meal costs roughly .25, so $5 can feed 20 people.

Learn more at


EatBCH Venezuela

In Venezuela. The sign shows the block height and hash which verify the time of the photo.

 Impact and Transparency

Food costs in Venezuela vary quite a bit making it difficult to project the exact number of meals served, but we estimate 1300-2000 meals will be served between Venezuela and South Sudan.

When we reach 100 orders, each customer will receive a direct link to the $5 contribution made on their behalf on the blockchain.

This is a fancy way of saying, that we will provide proof of your donation making sure the money got to the right place.


Our focus on cryptocurrency

While we happily accept all major credit cards, we offer a 10% discount for purchases made with cryptocurrency (automatically applied at checkout). We do this for a few reasons:

  1. CBD and Cannabis companies are subject to high credit card processing fees. We pay around 5% on each order of $35. With cryptocurrency we pay nothing and there is no risk of chargebacks.
  2.  The uncertainty with payment processors. Even though it is legal, CBD is considered a “high-risk banking” sector meaning that our credit card processing could be cut at any time. 
  3. We believe in the technology for the long term. It has the potential to transform finance and banking.

See our crypto page for more details.

Closing the loop

Crazy Calm understands the importance and challenge of “closing the loop” or using cryptocurrency at various parts of the supply chain. To spur cryptocurrency adoption, it helps for companies to get paid and for stores to pay us with cryptocurrency.

So far, 3 potential wholesale clients (CBD  and Vape Shops) have inquired about paying with crypto to receive a 10% discount. We have also spoken with our coffee supplier about using cryptocurrency for payments.

We hope to educate business owners in the cannabis space and other high-risk banking sectors about advantages and challenges to use cryptocurrency as an additional payment method for their business.

If you want to try the amazing feeling of our CBD coffee and, order now

Our product is only available in the U.S. right now, but we hope to expand in the future.

If you have any questions about the campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Update 1 : Jose confirmed that meals in Venezuela range from .15 to .40, depending on if there is meat or not.



Ernesto Huerta says

That’s awesome!! What a great cause to support. Hopefully more companies out there will follow your lead and do their part to help support hungry people everywhere.

Carrita Thomas says

Excited to see this, congrats on the launch!

Gregoire Ancellin says

Awesome, well done guys! Great cause and great product :)

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