Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to drink Crazy Calm CBD Coffee?

Any time you drink regular coffee. You may be a morning drinker, afternoon drinker or both.
As you’ll see the combination of CBD and caffeine feels better đŸ™‚

Do your products contain THC?

No. All THC has been removed. Some CBD products may have a trace amount of THC, ours is 0%.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to the United States plus the US territories of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.
We are looking into international shipping options. Canada (expect Quebec) may be available very soon.
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I'm concerned about the taste. Will it taste as good as pour over, single-origin coffee?

Our coffee does not taste as good as a specialty coffee pour-over at a coffee shop.

BUT you’ll find it to be a solid taste and better than any coffee you’d get in a hotel room or airplane. We went with the highest quality and best tasting instant coffee we could find. Organic. Medium bodied. While most instant coffee is spray-dried using additional drying agents, ours is freeze dried. It’s a more expensive process that uses zero additives and creates a better taste.

We are focused on serving the “on-the-go” market. Whether at the office, gym, airplane, or the outdoors, you may not always have the time and equipment to make a delicious french press.

Can I add sweeteners, creamers, etc to CBD coffee?

Yes you can. Just like you do with normal coffee feel free to sweeten to your liking.

What about the quality/veracity of CBD in the market, do you have any lab testing?

With CBD being so new and a lot of uncertainty in product quality, you are right to be skeptical.

Rest assured, we do a lab test for every batch of CBD. It can be found at

Why do you offer a discount for cryptocurrency payments?

While we happily accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, keep in mind that the cannabis space has had constant struggle finding banking solutions.

These struggles have led to websites being shut down, and high transaction fees.

When you purchase our products with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin we pay zero processing fees.

We get it. Cryptocurrencies are new; they are hard to understand. Visit our crypto page if you’d like to learn why we see it as programmable money that is here to stay.

Are you in retail stores? Is wholesale available?

Yes and yes. Contact us today to learn more.

Will Crazy Calm CBD coffee make me "high"?

No. There is no THC in the coffee.